Hi, I am

Yeo Chai Heng


I was born in and am living in Singapore,

an island city-state with beautiful skylines.


I am currently employed as a Solutions Engineer @ PayPal


I am also a Management of Technology student @ NUS

I build things with tools from the computing world:

I write on my blog:

What a Solutions Engineer does day-to-day

As an engineer, you may come across the term "Solutions Engineer" in the course of your career.

If you are a software engineer who builds application platforms, then you may have interacted with a Solutions Engineer before.

Whether you are looking for a career change or not, Solutions Engineer roles can also appear in your job feed.

No matter how you came across the Solutions Engineer role, you may want to know more about what a Solutions Engineer does.

So what does a Solutions Engineer do day-to-day?

Here are some points to help you understand the Solutions Engineer role better.

Why get a Raspberry Pi?

If you are in the computer technology industry, then you most probably have heard about the Raspberry Pi.

When a Raspberry Pi was first launched in 2012, there were limited USD 35 alternatives for Raspberry Pi. Therefore, buying a Raspberry Pi is a no-brainer to get started with Internet of things (IoT) projects. A Raspberry Pi would be an affordable ticket to the world of IoT.

However, as newer single board computers get into the market, it becomes harder to make a buying decision. Especially if you habitually practice delay gratification, you may face quite a bit of procrastination in getting a Raspberry Pi.

So why should you get a Raspberry Pi?

In case you are deciding whether to buy a Raspberry Pi, here are some reasons for you to get one.

An easy way to install Raspberry Pi OS - using Raspberry Pi Imager

Once got an microSD card for your Raspberry Pi in your mailbox, you can install an operating system to run it.

Typically, we download a Raspberry Pi image and use one of the imaging software to write it to our microSD card.

When the Raspberry Pi Imager came into the picture, the download step is consolidated into a single workflow.

Given that, this is how you can use the Raspberry Pi Imager to install Raspberry Pi OS.

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